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Declaration of Independence | Unabhängigkeitserklärung
The "Declaration of Independence" is a kinetic sculpture commemorating the end of the epoch of materialism [...]

A.T E.M. Project
The two sculptures consist of four elements: the initial forms, sphere and pyramid, and the mutations, flying objects (air, motion) and cube [...]

Breathing Star | Atemstern
The brass belt composed of geometric shapes surrounds the opening of the respiratory centre (air-shaft) in the building's inner courtyard. [...]

Communication Tower | Kommunikationsturm
Interactive Sculpture realized for the Telecommunications Building, Konrad-Adenauer-Ring, Wiesbaden/Germany [...]

Relikt II
The interactive object consists of processed fabric bearing a sort of "characters". Its surface is prepared with polyester and translucent. [...]

Mutants | Mutanten
The dream of flying has ever moved mankind ... here we enter the past of the future. [...]

Solar Foc 180 – Sun Writer. Aura Crystal Instrument. Relic I. Energy Donor. Sun Dial. [...]

Masks | Masken [...]

Body Mechanics | Körpermechanik [...]

Angel | Engel
Interactive sculpture realized for the exhibition "Engel und andere himmlische Wesen" (Angels and Other Celestial Beings) [...]

Lightning Lane | Lynkeus der Türmer
The mirrows of the lance reflects the sunrays on the old tower of the Renaissance. [...]

Memorial Nordenstadt
Memorial for the murdered Jews in Nordenstadt [...]



Competition for the design of a memorial for persecuted of the NS regime and resistance fighter [...]
Field of Breath | Atemfeld
The clod-like brass plates surrounding the air shaft in the inner courtyard of the building rise and fall in the manner of a large body breathing [...]

Die kinetische Groß-Plastik bezieht in ihrer Konzeption Turmfragment und Aussichtstempel mit ein, ergänzt und erweitert sie [...]

The Hole | Das Loch
Plans for a permanent exhibition on Kranzplatz (Kochbrunnen) in Wiesbaden/Germany, inspired by the idea of providing space [...]

Barrack of Lüttich
Competition "Art in public". Draft for the new construction for the service building of the barrack of Lüttich in Cologne [...]

Mahnmal Wiesbaden
Entwurf eines Mahnmals für die 1200 aus Wiesbaden während der NS-Zeit deportierten Juden. [...]

Rhein-Main Congress-Center
Entwurf einer kinetischen Skulptur mit LED-Technologie für den Neubau des Rhein-Main Congress-Centers in Wiesbaden.[...]

The Australian Project
The measure of the interim balance. A project between two continents. [...]

Tower | Turm
The tower holding a sphere surrounded by metal struts symbolizes the evolution of Man's view of the world. [...]

Waymark | Wegmarke
The blade of an iron wedge, 7.5 m in height with a triangular base, points towards the portal at an angle of 45 degrees. [...]

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